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Hearing Loss: Overcoming the Obstacles to Treatment

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How Hearing Aids Improve Working Memory and Speech Comprehension

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Custom Hearing Protection Vs. Disposable Earplugs

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A Simple Guide to Hearing Aids

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What Makes Modern Hearing Aids Better?

Technology improves fast: in 2006, the average 40-inch flat screen TV would have cost you in excess of $1,500. Now, 10 years later, you can buy a 40-inch flat screen TV for about $230. The same has happened with hearing aids, although it’s more likely to escape our awareness. We notice that TVs become larger, better, and more affordable, but we’re blind to the advancements in hearing aids … [Read more...]

How to Communicate Your Hearing Loss to Others

Hearing loss is regarded as the invisible disability for a reason. No one can see or experience your hearing loss, and no one can experience your frustration and stress. The only thing people can experience is their OWN frustration when they have to constantly repeat themselves. Regrettably, individuals with hearing loss infrequently get the benefit of the doubt. That’s why communicating your … [Read more...]

7 “Life Hacks” For Healthier Hearing

Oxford Dictionaries defines life-hack as: “A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.” Life hacks can save you both time and money, and some are so simple you’ll wonder why you hadn’t already thought of them. Inventive but simple life-hacks include turning your toaster oven sideways to make a grilled cheese sandwich, using the … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Your Hearing Test

Congratulations on taking the preliminary step toward healthier hearing by booking your hearing exam. You’re already ahead of the game, as many people delay getting a hearing test for years—in some cases decades. But now that you’ve booked your hearing test, you’ll want to see to it that you’re prepared for the visit, especially if test results show that you could benefit from hearing aids. … [Read more...]

How Hearing Aids Can Keep Your Brain Young

Photo credit: flickr Saad FaruqueTwentieth-century neuroscience has discovered something truly amazing: specifically that your brain can change itself well into your adult years. Whereas in the early 1900s it was believed that the brain stopped changing in adolescence, we now recognize that the brain responds to change all throughout life. Neuroplasticity To understand exactly how your brain … [Read more...]

6 Things a Hearing Care Professional Can Do For You

There seems to be more misunderstanding when it involves hearing care than with most other medical specializations. We don’t need to ask, for example, what a dentist or eye doctor can do for us. But when it comes to our hearing, we’re typically unsure as to what action we should take or who we should visit. So what exactly can a local hearing care professional do for you? Several things, … [Read more...]