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What to Expect at Your Hearing Exam

If the unknown provokes anxiety, then a visit to the hearing specialist is especially nerve-racking. While virtually all of us have experience with the family doctor and the neighborhood dentist, the trip to the hearing specialist might be a first. It certainly would be nice to have someone make clear the process beforehand, wouldn’t it? Well, continue reading, because as you’ll … [Read more...]

Exploring a Career in the Hearing Care Profession

Even though most of us stay current with our once-a-year physical, dental cleaning, and eye exam, we regularly fail to give consideration to the well-being of our hearing. And when our hearing does start to worsen, it occurs so slowly that we barely notice and fail to take action. It’s this lack of interaction with hearing care professionals that makes people want to know what the occupation … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Biggest Mistake in Treating Your Hearing Loss

Do you recall the Q-Ray Bracelets? You know, the magnetized wristbands that vowed to grant instantaneous and substantial pain relief from arthritis and other chronic diseases? Well, you won’t find much of that marketing anymore; in 2008, the manufacturers of the Q-Ray Bracelets were legally required to repay customers a maximum of $87 million as a consequence of deceitful and fraudulent … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Hearing Loss is More Dangerous Than You Think

Hearing impairment is hazardously sneaky. It creeps up on you through the years so little by little you barely detect it, making it easy to deny or ignore. And afterwards, when you at last recognize the symptoms, you shrug it off as bothersome and annoying because its real consequences are hidden. For up to 48 million Americans that report some extent of hearing loss, the effects are … [Read more...]

Professional musicians at greater risk of developing hearing loss

Although rock stars are at greater risk for developing hearing loss or tinnitus, the threat can be substantially reduced by utilizing protective measures. Thanks to the specialized requirements of musicians — and the significance of maintaining the details of sound — the initial step to curbing hearing loss is to make an appointment with an audiologist. Generally speaking, when you experience … [Read more...]

Preventing work related hearing loss with high fidelity, custom-fit ear plugs

The advantages of custom-fit ear plugs speak for themselves, especially if you tend to work at a job that exposes you to a high risk for hearing damage, or if you attend booming live shows or sporting events, schedule an consultation with a hearing practitioner today. Custom-fit ear plugs will protect your ears, and distinct from the disposable foam varieties, will also maintain the quality of … [Read more...]

A Brief History of Hearing Aids

About 35 million Americans live with hearing loss, but only a small percentage actually wear a hearing aid. The average hearing aid costs about $1500. They have come a long way from the primitive ear trumpets of 200 years ago. As a result of research over the years as well as growth in technology, these devices now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. Plus, they only weigh a few … [Read more...]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hearing Aids

In the past two centuries, hearing aids have come very far in regards to technological advancement, often times attributed to the dedication of scientists who know someone close to them with a hearing impairment of some kind. Just look at Alexander Graham Bell, whose wife was deaf and mother had a hearing impairment. Let’s discuss some interesting facts about hearing aids you may not have known. … [Read more...]

How Ibuprofen can Lead to Hearing Loss

Now we know that avoiding certain medications can help you protect your hearing health as you age. It wasn't always that clear, but a new study has emerged to back up this finding. In addition to avoiding noisy situations such as concerts and clubs, you may also want to forego certain medications that can incur hearing loss. Ibuprofen in particular can lessen your ability to hear well. Yes, age is … [Read more...]

How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Holiday Gatherings

Ah, the holidays. They pose some challenges for many people. In this article, we will explore the effects of hearing loss on social happiness, how to manage hearing loss, and also how to help people who suffer from hearing loss. The holiday season is a time when family and friends can come together to meet and revel in their happiness. While millions of people around the nation will gather … [Read more...]