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Loss of Spatial Hearing- An Introduction

A loss of spatial hearing presents itself as the inability to distinguish spatial cues. In other words, a person living with this type of hearing loss will have trouble telling where a sound came from or picking out individual voices in a crowd. This makes it difficult for a person to cut out background noise and hold a conversation in a crowded place, such as a restaurant, bar, airport, or movie … [Read more...]

How Music Can Alter Moods

It's commonly held that not only does music up your energy level, but that it helps you heal more quickly and significantly improves your mood. New research supports this--research illustrates that music can absolutely improve your mood, which leads to a general boost in your quality of life. University of Missouri researchers found that upbeat music is sometimes all it takes to boost a person's … [Read more...]

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – An Introduction

Among smartphones, the iPhone stands out as an innovation leader. The latest innovation is a result of collaborations with several hearing aid manufacturers to create hearing aids and apps that are intended to work together. These are called made for iPhone hearing aids. With made for iPhone hearing aids, users are able to adjust the device from an app on their iPhones. The made for iPhone hearing … [Read more...]

How Echoes Work

If you've ever been inside a large canyon, you've probably observed the wonder of echoes firsthand-but how do they work? An echo is a phenomenon we experience often. When you shout into a well or a canyon, the echo returns to you a moment later. So how does an echo occur? In short, the sound waves from your voice bounce off of a surface - for example, the far wall of a canyon. The sound then comes … [Read more...]

Understanding Otitis Externa, Commonly Known as Swimmer’s Ear

Acute external otitis or otitis externa is an infection of the outer ear canal - the portion outside the eardrum. More people know it by its common name - swimmer's ear. It is known as "swimmer's ear" because it frequently arises due to water staying in the ears after swimming; this provides a moist environment that promotes microbial growth. Swimmer's ear can also be the result of scratching or … [Read more...]

What’s New in Hearing Research – Regenerating Hair Cells in the Ears

One of the sometimes frustrating things about being a hearing care specialist is that a lot of the conditions we deal with that have caused our patients to lose their hearing cannot be reversed. For example, one of the most common reasons for hearing loss is damage to the very small, sensitive hair cells that line the inner ear and vibrate in response to sound. Our sense of hearing is the … [Read more...]

Choosing Between Replacement or Repair for Your Old Hearing Aid

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "My hearing aid is broken or is no longer working - should I have it repaired, or get a new one?" The honest answer needs to be, "That depends." The issue of whether to repair or replace depends on many factors, and the "right answer" is as individual as the people asking the question. It's worthwhile to state upfront, that all hearing aids, without … [Read more...]

Figuring Out the Connections Between Hearing Loss and Loss of Cognitive Abilities

Do you have hearing difficulties? If so, do you sometimes find that it seems like work just to understand what the people around you are saying? You are not the only one. The sense that listening and understanding is tiring work is common among people with hearing loss - even the ones that wear hearing aids. Sadly, the fallout of this phenomenon might not be restricted to loss of hearing function; … [Read more...]

As a Musician, How can I Protect my Hearing?

Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend and Barbra Streisand - what trait do these diverse musicians all share? As a result of years of performing, they all have permanent hearing loss. When musicians come to me for treatment, I feel obliged to inform them of a lamentable fact of life - playing music may damage their hearing. Exposure to loud music causes noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which … [Read more...]

How Come I Only Have Trouble Hearing in Crowded Rooms?

Patients frequently inquire why hearing in crowds of people is particularly difficult for them. When they are talking to people one-on-one, or in small groups of people there is no problem, and they seem to hear just fine. Not so in crowded situations. Whether in large public space outdoors such as a football game or indoors at a party, they report being unable to distinguish the speakers' voice … [Read more...]