Hearing Aids Have Changed Joanne's Life

Ann's Hearing Loss Testimonial For AccuHear

"I went to AccuHear in Spring Hill, Florida because I was having difficulty hearing conversations in restaurants and in group meetings. My wife noticed that I had the TV volume up too loud and that I often asked her to repeat what she said. I didn't think my hearing was that bad, but I decided to get a hearing test at AccuHear. After thorough testing, the results showed I needed hearing aids. I purchased Siemens Pure hearing aids with a charger. I thought I was too young to wear hearing aids, but they have made a big difference in my ability to hear. I would highly recommend Dr. Pape at AccuHear. "(Michael V.)

"My husband was experiencing hearing difficulty and went to AccuHear for testing of his hearing. Not knowing anything about hearing aids, or hearing loss we were comforted by Dr. Robin Pape with her vast knowledge and experience. We purchased Siemens rechargeable hearing aids and my husband and I are very satisfied. I would highly recommend AccuHear." (Susan V.)

"I brought Donald K. in and we think every one is wonderful, kind, very sweet, and we never have to wait very long!!! Thank You!" (Wanda G.)