For Better Hearing Results,
Where You Go Matters

  • Have you've decided it's time to get serious about your hearing?
  • How do you decide where to go to ensure you're getting the best care?
  • Does it even really matter that much?

The truth is, when it comes to hearing healthcare, WHERE you go, meaning the office and the hearing healthcare professional you choose, will be the most influential factor in determining your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for new hearing aids, studies show that the facility you choose and how the clinician programs and adjusts your hearing aids is MUCH MORE important than the kind of hearing aids you get or how much you end up paying for them.

Just like if you need a knee replacement, the surgeon you choose is a whole lot more important than the brand of metal they put in your leg. A basic hearing aid programmed to your specific needs will outperform a poorly programmed top-of-the-line, hearing aid, every day of the week.

We've helped over 10,000 people hear better in Spring Hill area during the last 25 years. More than anyone else. If you're worried about your hearing or frustrated with your current hearing aids, we can help you.

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The Pape Family

We are Dr. Robin, Paul and Chris Pape. We have been helping our patients overcome the challenges of hearing loss for over 25 years in Spring Hill. As the Pape family, we extend our warmth, caring and trust to the relationships with our patients. We've helped over 10,000 patients hear better and we can help you too.


Dr. Robin A. Pape, AuD

Board Certified
Doctor of Audiology


Paul W. Pape, BS, BC-HIS

Board Certified
in Hearing Instrument Sciences


Chris Pape, BBA, BC-HIS

Board Certified
in Hearing Instrument Sciences


Our Patient Centered Approach

As an AccuHear patient, you are our highest priority. We put you first, by getting to know and understand you as a person. Each patient has different challenges, wants, needs, values and preferences. Everyone’s hearing loss and lifestyle is different. We treat all of our patients as individuals and create customized solutions. Putting you first, ensures you receive the best care and experience possible and gets you back to living your life.

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